Thursday, February 23, 2012


Things are brewing in the Ut So forewarned...


UT-02 : Cogs and Sprockets
"Saturating The Well-Oiled Machine"*

UT-03 : Elderly Couple
"The First Four Weeks"*

UT-04 : Cogs and Sprockets
"In The Kingdom Of The Blind"*

UT-05 : Split:
White Ninja/Cogs and Sprockets*

: The Naturals
"Get Off My Train"+

: Giftgas
"Demo 2009"*

: Giftgas
"Demo 2010"*

: Ostracized
"Spread Disease Like A Dog"+

: Cogs and Sprockets
"Temporary Aid In The
Uncureable Sickness Of The Mind"*

: Cogs and Sprockets
"Human Error"*

: Giftgas
"Closed Casket Funeral"*

:Cogs and Sprockets
"(Camping out in front of)
The Black Friday EP"*

:Equal Opportunity Destroyer
"Promo 1/8/11"*+

:Cogs And Sprockets
"Two Things At Once"*

:Cogs And Sprockets
"Arms For The Poor"*

:Seeds Of Rape
"Demo 2011"*

Scalped/Cogs And Sprockets*

* - Cassette
+ - 3" Cd-r/Cd-r